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J Provine jprovine at stanford.edu
Thu May 9 10:14:42 PDT 2013

please add highly anisotropic Si 1-2um deep to the processes to be morphed
into other etchers.  high uniformity is desirable, but an oxide etch stop
layer can be used.

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 9:45 AM, Ed Myers <edmyers at stanford.edu> wrote:

>  Pradeep,
> Brett and I have started working with a few lab members who have been
> impacted by Lampoly downtime.  We are trying to find ways to support their
> etches on other etch tools.  If you (or anyone else) have an etch which
> needs to be moved, please contact Brett or myself.  Currently we are
> working on isotropic Si and a SiC etch processes.
> Regards,
> Ed
> On 5/9/2013 12:40 AM, Pradeep Nataraj wrote:
>  Mary,
> Lam poly was one of the really good etchers we had in terms of selective
> etching.
> It all started during holidays shut down. To my common sense we should
> never shutoff old tools like Lam poly during the X-mas break. I am not sure
> why did we completely shutoff the tool. Could we have just shutoff all the
> gasses and let hardware and the computer controller running? ( I am not
> sure that I may not know about the interlocks)
> Also for coming holiday shutdown, can we try not shutdown hardware
> controllers on older tools? If I remember correctly STS PECVD had the same
> problem.
> I don't know about other users opinion, I have no confidence in Plasma
> Therm etchers. The tool is very sensitive, any time I load a wafer I have
> to pray that my wafer will come back!  Plasma Therm is no match for Lam
> Poly in terms of wafer recovery reliability. If we have to spend
> reasonable amount of money to upgrade the hardware/software interface we
> should do it.
> I am for one who knows how hard you trying to bring the tool up and I know
> for sure it is your most beloved tool.
> Whenever in future when SNF decides to buy new tools, can SNF staff please
> include super users or lab addicts in the loop for our inputs?  Any good
> or bad feedback can't hurt.
> We all want our lab to succeed and stay on top.
> Bringing any new tools must be accurately thought out of its purpose and
> it’s usage that will help users.
> I am willing to help out any ways even going to Berkeley, if it helps us.
> Thank you for listening.
>  Pradeep
> On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 9:40 PM, Mary Tang <mtang at stanford.edu> wrote:
>> Dear lampoly users --
>> Today marks exactly 3 months since lampoly went down, hard.  I know an
>> update is long overdue and am sorry to say I've no news to report.
>>  Although this machine is not very well utilized, it has certain special
>> capabilities.  I expect many people have found alternatives acceptable for
>> less critical processes (amtetcher, p5000etch ChC) but that those who need
>> precision etch control this system can achieve are at a loss.
>> SNF staff are investigating several possible solutions, both near and
>> long term.
>> In the near term, the UC Berkeley Marvel lab has a nearly identical
>> system with the same base processes.  If you would like to explore this
>> alternative, please get in touch with me, as we are setting up a process
>> for moving material and/or people between our two labs. I'd also like to
>> take the liberty of offering up the process expertise of J Provine, who is
>> familiar with and has used the Berkeley system and Ed, who is in the
>> process of mapping Berkeley and SNF processes.  Ed and Brett have also
>> begun working with Kim to see if one of the new PlasmaTherm etchers can
>> meet her process needs - it's not likely to be a one-to-one match, but may
>> offer the vertical wall profiles and clean etch she requires.  If anyone is
>> interested in helping, I am sure it would appreciated.
>> Longer term, we will need to come up with a solution that gives us a
>> system that is supportable -- in recent years, downtime has become
>> increasingly high for the low use this system sees.  Lam does not service
>> this legacy system and quality third-party service has been difficult to
>> find.  The solution may be to upgrade our system to current standard or
>> perhaps replace it altogether.  Ed & Brett are looking into upgrade options
>> now.  We expect to decide in coming weeks, but execution may still be
>> months.  Meanwhile, the maintenance team continues to track down
>> replacement parts and boards.
>> Lastly, Kim suggests that the Lam user community work together to share
>> information and resources.   I believe membership of this mail list (
>> lampoly at snf.stanford.edu) is comprised of everyone with a badger account
>> who is qualified on lampoly as of mid-February. Please feel free to forward
>> to anyone you know who might not be on the list, either because they
>> haven't been qualified on the lam but would like to be (like Kim) or
>> haven't made the leap to Badger yet. (Anyone can subscribe at:
>> http://snf.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo)
>> Thanks for your attention -- and patience --
>> Mary
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