Enough of the mess

Mahnaz Mansourpour mahnaz at stanford.edu
Thu Jun 16 09:28:06 PDT 2011

Hello all,

It seems that the last few months the messy behavior and leaving a mess 
has picked up a lot.
Yesterday this mess was left and no one has reported it.
The day before I spend more than half an hour to clean up Laurell.
Well, I am sure that James will agree with me so we will start doing 
what I do on ASML.

Litho team will check the Headway and Laurel l daily and if we find mess 
and those black satin ( unknown to me)  on the chuck and on the bench top.
We will take "group privilege"  away. This means whoever used it from 
the time the system has been checked to the next day when checked again.
Depends on the severity of the mess you can lose your privilege as well 
as doing community help.

What can you do to help,?   Report the problem on coral when you find a 
Clean it up.  Be proactive, if some one doing something they are not 
suppose to do, educate them in a nice way and let the staff know
so we can follow up on it.

Now,   can someone tell me what is  the mess on the picture I have 
attached ?

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