Enough of the mess

James W. Conway jwc at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Jun 16 10:13:52 PDT 2011

Will the User(s) working with black wax or another black material in a 
solvent formulation please see me during my office hour?!

Thank you,


On 6/16/2011 9:28 AM, Mahnaz Mansourpour wrote:
> Hello all,
> It seems that the last few months the messy behavior and leaving a 
> mess has picked up a lot.
> Yesterday this mess was left and no one has reported it.
> The day before I spend more than half an hour to clean up Laurell.
> Well, I am sure that James will agree with me so we will start doing 
> what I do on ASML.
> Litho team will check the Headway and Laurel l daily and if we find 
> mess and those black satin ( unknown to me)  on the chuck and on the 
> bench top.
> We will take "group privilege"  away. This means whoever used it from 
> the time the system has been checked to the next day when checked again.
> Depends on the severity of the mess you can lose your privilege as 
> well as doing community help.
> What can you do to help,?   Report the problem on coral when you find 
> a mess.
> Clean it up.  Be proactive, if some one doing something they are not 
> suppose to do, educate them in a nice way and let the staff know
> so we can follow up on it.
> Now,   can someone tell me what is  the mess on the picture I have 
> attached ?
> Mahnaz

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