Act now and avoid roaming charges and huge overages

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Wed Apr 19 17:59:24 PDT 2006

No roaming charges and no huge overages.

Sprint Fair & Flexible(SM) for Families.

>  No roaming charges and no huge overages.
>  Share 800 anytime minutes on two lines for 
   $69.99 per month.

(Other monthly charges apply. See below.**)

Learn more at


Save $150 on the Sprint PCS(R) Voice Phone 
A560 by Samsung(R).

> Only $19.99 after $150 instant savings, 
  excluding taxes.

Learn more about this phone's features at


Plus, get 100 SMS Text Messages for just $5 per month.

Hurry, offers end April 27, 2006.


Call 1-877-313-8330
Go to the link below to find a store


Requires purchase and activation of a new line of 
service and a two-year subscriber agreement.


**Rates exclude taxes and Sprint Fees (including USF 
charge of up to 2.27% that varies quarterly, cost 
recovery fees up to $2.83 per line and state/local 
fees that vary by area). Sprint Fees are not taxes 
or government-required charges. 

Coverage, rate plan features, services and phone 
availability vary. Nationwide Sprint PCS Network reaches 
over 250 million people. Offers may not be available in 
all markets. Terms and Conditions apply. Subject to credit. 
See store for details. Phone Offer: Expires 4/27/2006 
or while supplies last. Taxes excluded. Phones subject to 
availability. Activation at time of purchase required. Sprint 
Fair & Flexible for Families: Offer ends 4/27/2006. 
Includes 800 shared anytime minutes adjustable in 50-minute 
increments for $5.00, with $.10 per minute for usage above 
1,300 minutes. Partial minutes are charged as full minutes. 
Nights & weekends are Mon.-Thurs. 9pm-7am and Fri. 9pm-Mon. 
7am. Up to $36 activation fee and up to $200 early termination 
fee apply to each line. A deposit may be required. Sprint may 
terminate service if a majority of minutes in a given month are 
used while roaming. Requires a dual-band (digital & analog mode) 
phone. Certain services (e.g., Sprint PCS Vision) not available 
while roaming. Sprint PCS Add-a-Phone: Requires a minimum two-year 
term agreement for each phone/line of service added (-Secondary Line-). 
The first phone activated on the service plan (-Primary Line-) 
and Secondary Lines may have different term commitment end dates. 
If the Primary Line on the account is terminated prior to the 
expiration of the term of an Secondary Line, a Secondary Line must 
move to the Primary Line position. 14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee: 
Requires deactivation of service and return of your complete, 
undamaged Sprint PCS phone with original retailer's proof of 
purchase within 14 days of activation. You are responsible for 
all charges based on your actual usage (partial monthly service 
charges, taxes and Sprint surcharges). SMS Text Messaging: Requires 
an SMS Text Messaging capable phone. Unused plan minutes do not 
carry forward. Premium SMS messages are an extra charge. 
International rates may vary. 

(C)2006 Sprint Nextel. All rights reserved. SPRINT, 
the "Going Forward" logo, the NEXTEL name and logo, and other 
trademarks are trademarks of Sprint Nextel.

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