i like you

Sabrina gerry.plehn at associatedbank.com
Tue Feb 5 09:26:03 PST 2008

Hello, Rudolf

Did you ever watch a wonderful tale "Lord of the Rings"?  Where little 
hobbits live in their Shire, their land of Paradise, always happy and 
smiling?  That is approximately how I imagine my own happiness, but in a 
modern world:  I dream of a cozy little house, a tidy garden in the yard, 
colorful and happy life.
You know, dear, there is a very good saying:  Money can't make you happy, 
though you can't be fully happy without money.  That's how I imagine a 
normal life.  I don't need fancy clothes, millions pairs of shoes, tons of 
make-up or shopping all day long.  Though I also wouldn't be happy living in 
a tribe without any conditions of civilized comfort.
I hope you understand that I am the one you've been looking for all your 
life and I am waiting for you http://foreigngals.info/?idAff=182 impatiently.



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