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Mike laddert at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 19:14:33 PST 2008

Managing classroom resources like assignments, quizzes, tests, and grades can be quite difficult.  I am writing to you today to inform you about a solution that will allow you to access these resources from one account, keeping them organized so you don't have to search for them.  It keeps the original assignments as well as the student's answers, as well as the grades, and the feedback returned by the Instructor.  Parents find it useful as well, since they can check on their child's progress.

We have taken every step to make it as easy to use as possible.  The step by step tutorial guides you every step of the way.  It does not require a school-wide commitment; it can be used on a classroom to classroom basis.  If you wish to contact me or use this service, please do it through the website:

This course management system allows you to:
   * create, edit, distribute, assign, test and grade online while allowing students to complete these assigned tasks.
   * create practice assignments, quizzes, or tests.
   * grade written assignments online with the "quick grade system" which enables instructors to quickly and efficiently grade written questions and give feedback to students, while the multiple choice questions are graded automatically
   * keep track of all grades in an online grade book that can be used to track class and student performance.
   * collaborate with students using the discussion board

Micheal Thompson

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