it's wonderful to know u

Sabryna csoltzn at
Fri Jan 11 20:51:21 PST 2008

Ave, gentleman!

This morning the forecasts predicted it to be a sunny day, however the 
weather is changing
  So is my soul and heart, it might burn like a fire, or 
start shimmering and fading away
  I guess it is normal condition; emotions 
in a human were always proportional to the dignity.  However I have to share 
my emotions, I need someone to express them to.  I don't think that it is 
good to leave the emotions all at once.  I think I need to give them, part 
by part to a loving man, to my life-partner, to my only love.  This all 
depends on you, my dear, if you are ready to accept me in your heart, than I 
am here I don't want to tell more, my photo will be an 
addition to my words.


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