greetings dear

Sabri hirambiddable at
Sat Jan 26 12:08:23 PST 2008

My dear friend

Give me a chance to become your Destiny, believe me that I can change your 
life, because I am Woman, I am passionate, I can give you love and care and 
you will forget about loneliness with me.
You may wonder why such confident and pretty woman looks for her soul mate 
into matchmaking agency?
The answer is very simple, I used to make the first step into relations and 
I want to do it now toward you.
I noticed something special in your personality and it left me not 
You are enigma for me and I am going to open your heart and to become a part 
of it.
If you don't mind to feel my care and to know my love, find me right here

Waiting for your mail


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