Irisha P. fullerd at precision-valve.com
Sat Jul 26 09:28:45 PDT 2008

Privet, gentleman

My body needs a tender touch of the strong man's hands, my lips need the
passionate kiss, my heart need the tenderness and care. Therefore I am here.
I am writing to you with the great wish to wake you up and see that love has
no borders. I am far from you, but when you are reading this, I become much
closer. I want to come as close as possible. You might think why I write all
this to you, a stranger. But I am very open to people and I think we are all
children of one Earth and there is no difference in us - we all need care
and love. Am I right? Shall we give love to each other or shall we just wait
at our homes for the destiny to come and bring us something? NO! I don't
want that! I want to fight for my happiness! I want to fight for you, dear!
Please write me a letter here http://www.findbeautifulgirls.net/7693/
I desire to read your lines and become closer to you again!

The best of luck
Irisha P.

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