lifes a new journy

Nataliya bbromleyn at
Sat Jun 14 10:32:29 PDT 2008

Good day, dear!

I gave up the dream to meet my True Love many years ago, when the beloved
man betrayed me. That was very painful, unbearable and my heart still has
scars inside after this occasion.
But time passed, as you know time cures our wounds like the best doctor and
I turned out to my past life and everything I met was only work, business,
routine, but private life was empty like a desert.
I am an adult a pretty nice woman. I know that I am beautiful, that I can
meet a good man and to get married, but I am so afraid to make the mistake
again and to suffer again.
I am so sincere with you, because you are the First man who raised trust
into my heart. You raised Belief into happy future in love.
If I am not late and you are still single, and you want to love, and you are
able to make happy the one woman who is so lonely, I will wait for your
letter impatiently
I forgot all sweet words, I forgot about long romantic nights which are
filled with love and passion. Help me please to return back everything which
I lost; help me, please, to return the Belief in True Love.

Looking forward to get a letter from you


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