I’ll try anything once you?

Irochka K hzmnn at sbmcc.com.cn
Fri Jun 27 02:08:54 PDT 2008

Hello, Stefan

Work - home - work - home... Everything is grey, dull and boring... but here
is the phone ringing and I hear the dear voice... And the day becomes
bright, happy, because I know that you are waiting for me and when I come
home, you wil lask me how was my day, and I will tell you lots of nonsence
and you will be listening to me with a kind smile. I will know that I am so
lucky that you are near, that you are so wonderful and that I love you! I
want to get to know you better! Please write to me 
here http://www.makefamily.net/7756/

Do svidaniya
Irochka K

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