Very minor leak ...

John Shott shott at
Fri Aug 3 03:32:37 PDT 2001

Dick, Len, et al:

I got a call from work control in the wee hours about a leak in the lab.
When I got here, the TraceTek in the furnace service area was in alarm and
reading out 319'.  I acknowledged the alarm and then began to look for it ...
319' puts it in the rack behind the epi-reactor and behind wbgeneral.

It took me quite a while to find it, but there is a VERRRRY slow leak (~1 drop
every 10 minutes) coming from the chilled water connection to the matrix (on
the supply side.  The leak appears to be coming very close to the intersection
of the gray PVC line (just below the orange shutoff valve) and the 1/2"
polyflow line heading toward the machine.  If I were guessing, I'd say that it
is a slow leak where the brass polyflow coupling is threaded into the gray PVC
... with a leak that slow I didn't study it for too long at this hour, but it
is close to there anyhow.

Other than this message, I haven't done anything to fix it, clean things up,
etc. (It is barely wet on top of the aluminum floor penetration that is under
this leak ...).

I have, however, also written it up as a problem on the matrix ...



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