Problem matrix SNF 2008-03-24 20:02:59: matrix powered off

rissman at rissman at
Tue Mar 25 13:17:11 PDT 2008

Mike Dickey and I were unable to reset power on the system.  Mike confirmed that all interlocks were working.  We found the manual, but the description of how to turn the power on was still not clear.  I found that a 0.25 A fuse for the dc supply cooling fan had blown.  I still couldn't get the power to reset after replacing the fuse.  In order to get the power on I did the following:
1. push the emergency off reset button (yellow).  The button is supposed to light up, but the bulb must be burned out.
2. pushing either of the main switches didn't work.  To start the system I had to power down the vacuum pump, rf generator and auxilliary breakers.  I also powered down the chuck heater breaker.  Once I did this I was able to reset the dc power.
The computer booted and we were able to reload the software.  Jim Kruger brought a wafer which we were able to use to confirm resist strip.

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