Off shutdown

Nancy Latta latta at
Fri Dec 15 16:57:32 PST 2000


We are conditionally taking the matrix off shutdown and releasing it to
the general membership with the following comments;

	1) We are now using a new program called Hi Pr/Pw for High

	2) This is the only program you may use at this time.  The reason
is that it contains a special but seemingly useless first step.  For
reasons known only to the Matrix asher itself, this step stops the program
from aborting altogether.

	3) The new program has not be characterized.  We do not presently
know the etch rates for the various resists used in the lab.  I can tell
you that 7um resist damaged by STS etching will not be removed in the two
minute default in the program.  It may, however, be enough to soften the
resists enough to wet strip them.

	4) Please use the matrix at your own risk.  Be forewarned that
more repairs will be performed so and let us know how the machine works
for you.


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