Matrix Update

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Tue Dec 19 14:44:57 PST 2000

Matrix Users,

Here is how the upgraded Matrix worked for me over the weekend. I used it
a number of times (12 wafers) to strip resist and polymer after a 2 um
oxide etch in the P5000. All the resist and polymer appeared to be off
after 3 min using the new "Hi Pr/Pw" program. I actually used 4 min to
make sure everything was off. For what I was doing, I followed the Matrix
with a 50:1 HF dip before going back into the p5000 for a 5 um deep trench

	Jim McVittie

On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Nancy Latta wrote:

> Folks,
> We are conditionally taking the matrix off shutdown and releasing it to
> the general membership with the following comments;
> 	1) We are now using a new program called Hi Pr/Pw for High
> Pressure/Power.
> 	2) This is the only program you may use at this time.  The reason
> is that it contains a special but seemingly useless first step.  For
> reasons known only to the Matrix asher itself, this step stops the program
> from aborting altogether.
> 	3) The new program has not be characterized.  We do not presently
> know the etch rates for the various resists used in the lab.  I can tell
> you that 7um resist damaged by STS etching will not be removed in the two
> minute default in the program.  It may, however, be enough to soften the
> resists enough to wet strip them.
> 	4) Please use the matrix at your own risk.  Be forewarned that
> more repairs will be performed so and let us know how the machine works
> for you.
> 				Nancy

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