Matrix stripper

Len Booth booth at
Tue Mar 5 13:07:27 PST 2002

Matrix users -
	Yesterday I repaired the Matrix due to one
of Linans wafers faulting in the machine.  It was
not her fault - one or more previous users had
broken wafers in the strip chamber, and not entered
a shutdown on CORAL.  I found at least 2 types of
wafer pieces inside the chamber.  Some of the pieces
were only 50 microns thick, which is too thin to be
loaded & unloaded by the wafer transport.  Also two 
of the ceramic wafer-locating pins were knocked out 
of position (which will cause wafers to be lost more 

Do Not put any wafers into the Matrix which have
resist or developer on the backside.  The chuck 
runs a 185 C, which will glue the wafer to the
chuck, and break/lose the wafer during unloading.

If you are using the Matrix, and a wafer does not
unload from the etch chamber, do a Shutdown using 
CORAL so that maintenance can check that there are
no broken pieces inside, which will cause other 
users wafers to be broken or lost.

Do Not load any wafers into the Matrix which have
through holes or backside topography which can cause
the wafer transport vacuum wand to fail to pick up
the wafer.
			Len Booth

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