Replacement recipe card ....

John Shott shott at
Sat Feb 28 21:49:43 PST 2009

Matrix users:

We had a failure of the little magnetic card that holds the matrix 
program.  I found an old one that has a recipe named N-LoT90s.  I don't 
know whether this matches the existing program or not .... so proceed 
with caution and make sure that you run appropriate test wafers before 
committing any real wafers.

Rosie Cordova is likely to do some testing of this tomorrow, I think, 
and may have some preliminary results to report.  Also, on Monday some 
of the folks more familiar with this tool and it's recipe can likely 
comment more accurately on whether this recipe is the same as or 
different from the one that we had been using.

So, proceed with caution ....



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