Comment metalica SNF 2006-04-11 01:24:09: Power Supply Problem fixed

ericp at ericp at
Tue Apr 11 01:24:10 PDT 2006

In response to the current SHUTDOWN by jperez and two COMMENTS (sdogbe and praveen):
The problem was the atm interlock.. I replaced the atm switch.  The old one is dead. 
Verified that the vacuum system is not leaking
(base in the e-7 Torr range, leakback less than 
Ohmmeter indicates that the switch is working 
fine now- breaks the loop before the hoist 
light is on. I can't enable the machine since it's
in shutdown. Since this is a safety interlock, 
Staff should enable and double check that the 
interlock is working (power supply can't come 
on with the chamber vented, hoist down, HV enable on. Power 
supply should be able to be turned on when pumped down). 
I believe the system is ok to run after that. 
The switch is currently wired with patch cables. It should be 
permanently wired when time permits. 

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