Scout weight Scale for Targets

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Mon Dec 10 16:30:50 PST 2001

In place next to the Rudolph  Ellipsometer, is the Scout tool for
weighing our targets before deposition and after deposition.  In the
comments area of the log sheet, is a place for you to enter that
information in grams.  The purpose is to determine (learn) the usage
and life span of a target . This tool is labeled "GOLD  CONTAMINATED".
Thanks for your cooperation, See instructions below

1)  Wipe Table
2)  Press ReZero ON (make sure measurement is on g for grams)
3)  Place target on Scout table and log measurement  (log sheet in the
comments area has been added for this information)
4)  Press and hold Mode OFF

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