Metalica- thermal paste

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jun 25 22:09:59 PDT 2001

Hello Metalica Users,

	Just a reminder-  the thermal paste under the targets
is not optional.  Today we repaired some damage in the electrical 
system.  I know that we are out of thermal paste, so I've placed some
"goop" in the old thermal paste jar at the machine (the one that was 
emptied).  Please use this until the lab restocks the normal paste. 

	Again, this system has many very old and unsupported 
parts.  You break it, and we say goodbye to "dirty" metal sputtering.  

	Also, if you didn't read the message that was sent out 
a week or so ago, please read it. (I only got two responses to the 
trivia question, so I suspect not many people read it!) We need to 
address some of the usage problems with this machine.  


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