New Panel "Metalica Target Tester" box

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Mar 8 17:27:02 PST 2002

Last minute up-date on new panel installed on the Metalica!

To test the target for adequate resistance, you no longer need to use
the OHM meter. What you now do is to toggle the switch labeled test to
the up position and the green LED above the switch will light,
indicating that you are in the test mode. To the right you will note
that there is another switch labeled "Target A and Target B, the yellow
LED indicated which target you have selected. Further to the right you
will note there is a green LED that indicated that the target selected
is OK and a red LED that indicates that the target is NOT OK. If the red
LED is lit then the resistance is below 200 Ohms and must be corrected.
If the Green LED is on after you have secured your target then it should
be ok to use.

After you have installed your target and you go to the HV ENABLE mode
with the switch in the down position, then a red LED that indicates HIGH
VOLTAGE ENABLED will be lit. The LED that indicates that the target is
OK will also be lit, this is normal.

The new specifications on these changes are in the operating procedure!
Any additional information or training see Jim Haydon or Jeannie Perez

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