Metalica Targets

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Dec 10 16:55:42 PST 2004

Metalica Users,

If you have been following the recent Metalica saga you are aware of the 
odor issue.  This odor has been traced back to some specific 
depositions.  As a result the system has undergone a hard scrubbing and a 
cryo regen.  While this has addressed the hardware, we still have concerns 
regarding the SNF provided targets.

There is a likelihood that some of the questionable materials could have 
been transferred to the targets.  While we can't quantify the potential 
levels we want the user community to be aware of our concerns.  If you have 
a critical deposition or application you may want to talk with the staff 
before committing your samples.

Again this applies primarily to those using the SNF supplied sputtering 


Ed Myers

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