Status box for Target A/B isn't working, Use meter in the drawer

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Mar 10 13:37:58 PST 2006

Hello Everyone,
It seems that the Metalica target status tester  to check that the 
targets aren't shorting out (above 200K Ohms) has gone on the blink. 
There is a meter in the drawer to measure with.
For the new guys, make sure your toggle Switch is in the up position 
on the Metalica target tester in the test mode before starting.
Unscrew the cable from each source gun and you'll need to test it 
twice with the meter. Once the Cathode is on and again when you have 
the anode screw down. Place one probe (black or red) inside where the 
cable was and the other probe touch any metal. The meter should be on 
and turned to Ohms measurement. Anything greater than 200 K Ohms is good.
Anything below will need to be realigned or readjusted.

Hopefully we'll be able to resolve the problem when Jim Haydon comes 
in on Monday.
Good Luck and Good Night,

Jeannie Perez
Science and Engineering Technician
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Stanford University
Tel: (650) 723-7997
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