Comment micromanipulator6000 SNF 2010-10-29 13:17:55: More Triax to BNC adpaters on order ....

shott at shott at
Fri Oct 29 13:17:55 PDT 2010

Note:  I''ve ordered a stockpile of female BNC to male Triax adapters for use in making CV measurements, etc.
I ordered the Pomona 5300 which connects the BNC ground to both the Triax ground and guard connections.  This should also be equivalent to the Trompeter ADBJ20-E3-PL75, although theTrompeter part is noticeably more expensive.
If anyone is interested, there is also the Trompeter Electronics ADBJ20-E2-PL75 that has the BNC ground connected to the Triax ground with the guard left floating.  For completeness, there is alto the Trompeter ADBJ20-E1-PL75 that has the BNC ground connected to the Triax guard, with the Triax ground left floating.
For the CV measurements, I believe that the Pomona 5300 should be just fine.

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