Problem micromanipulator6000 SNF 2011-07-08 12:18:57: chuck y axis stopped working

shott at shott at
Fri Jul 8 12:44:29 PDT 2011

There are limit switches that prevent the stage from moving so far in either axis that the lead screws would get damaged.
Backing the y-axis off from the limit position (by manually turning the y-motion knob) caused the motorized Y-motion to be restored.
There may be a problem with the range of motion allowed in the Y-axis .... but to investigate that requires pulling the entire probe station out onto a table and turning it upside down to get at the electrical limit switches.  At this point, a single report doesn't likely warrant that unless one or more users of this tool required greater than +/- 1" (approximately) excursions in the Y-axis.  If so, I will schedule the time to look into that.

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