[micromanipulator6000] B1500A being shipped out for repairs ...

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Wed May 1 10:07:41 PDT 2013


Based on feedback from lab members trying to use the B1500A and from 
recommendations from Agilent Technical support, we are sending in the 
B1500A for repair and calibration.  Unfortunately, this means that we 
will be without this instrument for a period that may be as long as 2-3 
weeks.  There are only 2 good things to report:

1. It is still under warranty so it won't cost us anything but 
shipping.  I know you likely don't care about that .. but we do.

2. The repair center is in Roseville ... which is closer than I had 
fears as their technical support center is located near Denver.

In the meantime, I've connected and warmed up the old HP 4145B.  Whille 
it's more awkward to use in many ways, the core of the instrument: the 
four SMUs should be electrically identical to those on the B1500A for 
all but the very lowest of currents.  The 4145B should be usable for 
currents in the low pA range.

While I had hoped that we wouldn't have to send the instrument in for 
repair, I fear that we have a significant hardware problem that we would 
be unable to resolve on our own.

Thanks for your understanding,


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