Problem mrc SNF 2005-10-12 20:19:07: Pressure Creep

gibby at gibby at
Wed Oct 12 20:19:08 PDT 2005

Pressure seemed to creep up during my process.  I did two etches the first of 15 minutes, the second of 10.  I noticed that the pressure was slowly rising during the first etch.  Openning the gate valve further (even to fully open) had little effect.  The only way to maintain pressure was to reduce gas flow.  During my second etch, I kept the gas flow constant and noticed a pressure rise from ~5.8 mT to ~11 mT during the 10 minute etch.  Ar was flowing at 40 sccm, and the gate valve was all the way open.  After etch, I turned off the Ar gas flow and the pressure returned to a typicaly base pressure of 2 mT (i.e. the base pressure did not seem to creep along with the process pressure).

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