Problem mrc SNF 2009-08-19 19:40:13: MRC Etch Rate Changed

calarrudo at calarrudo at
Wed Aug 19 19:40:13 PDT 2009

I tried etching a 500A Pt wafer with Nancy for 5:30 which should have cleared but did not.  I etched in 1:00 increments of one minute for a total 
time of  8:30 the same time as yesterday's test wafer.  I did a 30:00 minute chamber clean with Argon.  Elmer and I did a leak check for the next test wafer, and pumped the chamber down for 8:00 at 5:30 the wafe did not clear.  I left a 500A Pt test wafer for Elmer to try tomorrow.  My etches are critical I don't understand what is wrong with the Argon Sputter Etch other than possibly the black valve between the Argon and SF6 may be bad.  Anyone who uses the NMRC for Sputter Etch use with caution and do  a test wafer.

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