Problem mrc SNF 2012-04-08 09:52:47: pumping issues

maxms at maxms at
Sun Apr 8 09:52:47 PDT 2012

I think there is something wrong with the foreline pump.  When I open the pressure gauge after pumping for a while, the pressure is still around 16mT, and dropping extremely slow - it is always at 1mT or that ballpark immidiately after opening the foreline.  Also, when switching over to the foreline pump and opening the valve, you do not see the characteristic raise in pressure.  lastly, then flowing oxygen, 20sccm, the valve turned 2 full rotations ALWAYS gives a pressure of 22-24mT, now however, it raises to well above 80, 90, or 100, until it trips the pressure gauge.  help me, says MRC.

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