Shutdown mrc SNF 2012-07-22 13:35:45: won't run anything

cbaxter at cbaxter at
Mon Jul 23 00:13:58 PDT 2012

Found the source of the problem, on why RF suddenly drop off.
It was the 5 torr detector ciruit, if the pressure goes above 2 torr
while RF is "ON"(enable) it disable the RF(via Q401 inside the
generator). The RF generator is already set up to ran at local mode
and the vacuum triiger thermacouple is at 2 torr,  supect the vacuun
trigger thermacouple dirfted overtime, it probably at the boredline.
I adjusted the vaccuum trigger pot to where when RF is on it stayed 
on to the duration of the process recipe.
-Ran Ar only at 15sccm and pressure at 12.5mt  for 30min
 at 50 and 100 watts- no problem.
-Ran O2 at 15sccm and pressure at 25mt for 15mins
 at 50watts- no problem.
_Ran O2 and Chf3 at 15sccm and pressure at 25mt for 15min
  at 50watts- no problem.
-Cycled off and on AC power to the generator to make sure the
  vacuum trigger thermacouple does not changed pressure

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