High Leak Rate in MRC

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jan 31 13:35:38 PST 2001

MRC Users,

The MRC has a very high air leak rate. When I first tested it this
morning, it was at 7.5 sccm or 250 mT/min. After I had opened it up and
pumped it down a few times. It went up to 11.2 sccm or 360 mT/min. I
really do not think, it is usable in a reliable way with this leak. The
problem appears to be due to the problems we had with the installation of
the new quartz electrode feedthru. It is not the correct size. This one
was made for us as a favor at a small glass shop that did not have
precision quartz cutting tools. Since early December, we have had two more
feedthrus on order from a large glass shop. Last week I was told that they
would be ready next week. Hopefully, we will get them next week and we
will be able to solve our leak problem. In the mean time Cesar will
see if he can do anything about the leak tonight.

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