Power levels and bias voltage on the MRC ....

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Sat Dec 13 06:37:58 PST 2008

MRC community:

Last week, Jim McVittie made some improvements to the way that the RF 
energy is coupled into the system.  The end result is that energy is 
being more directly coupled into the system and that it will take less 
RF power to achieve the same bias level.  For example, Jim and Mary 
Calarrudo found that her recipe only required 82 watts of RF power, 
instead of 100 watts, to generate a bias voltage of 600 V.

Jim recommends that you each monitor your process carefully in light of 
these changes, but suggests that you will likely want to reduce RF power 
slightly in order to achieve the same bias voltage.  In order to make it 
easier to monitor and reproduce these bias voltages we will add a 
digital readout of the bias voltage in the coming days.

Happy processing,


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