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Tue Nov 1 13:52:40 PDT 2011

Hi all -

As I understand it (and Mary Calarrudo can confirm), there are two
issues. First, is a process that Mary has which is incredibly sensitive
to trace oxygen -- her material oxidizes easily which results in reduced
sputter rates. Most people are not likely to have this sort of
sensitivity - and her platinum sputter rates are fine. The second
problem was burning resist. There seem to be several interacting causes:
the chuck cooling lines, the electrode flatness, and possibly the
process margin on the process she has. The cooling lines have been taken
care of. Nancy and Mary will do some investigating of the process window
for her set up. And the electrode will be taken out Thursday.

Other processes are not likely to be affected by any of this. The Ar
sputter, however, has a lot of power directed to the wafer, so cooling
and wafer contact with the electrode surface is a lot more critical.


On 11/1/2011 1:23 PM, Chen Chen wrote:
> Hi, Takane,
> What problem did you see for Argon etching? I would like to take this
> slot, but would be hesitated if Argon etching is problematic.
> Thanks,
> Chen
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> Argon etch apparently still has a problem. Will wait until they figure
> out more on Thursday!
> Thanks,
> Takane

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