Ion Mill at SNC

Matthias Baenninger mbaennin at
Mon Jul 30 16:08:39 PDT 2012

Dear MRC users,

With the MRC etcher down for maintenance, I wanted to point out that there is a very nice ion mill etcher at the Stanford Nanocenter (SNC) available to both Stanford and non-Stanford users, which could be a great alternative.

It does "only" non-reactive Ar ion milling, but is nevertheless very versatile (control of ion energy and intensity) and shows great reproducibility. It can fit up to 4 inch wafers onto its cooled stage but is also suitable for small pieces. A great feature is the tiltable rotating stage, which helps avoid side wall re-deposition (fencing).

I am in charge of training and support for the ion mill, please let me know if you are interested in using the tool.


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