Nanospec Problems

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Fri Jan 17 18:57:28 PST 2003

Nanospec Users,

Rohit Shenoy and I spend a bit of time this evening trying to solve the
Nanospec problem.

Litho Nanospec -- We believe that the intermittent shut problem was caused
by the floppy drive. The system was not setup properly in that it was
running in DOS off the floppy. We modified the Autoexec and Config files to
allow the system to boot up in DOS on the C drive.
It no longer uses the floppy drive during operation or during booting.
Hopefully, this will solve the problem. We did not see any clashes after we
made these changes.

Drytek2 Nanospec -- The noisy measurements indication by the photointensity
readout appears to be a display problem. When we placed a voltmeter on the
actual signal going to the computer, we found that was no noise problem. So
there should be no problems with the actual measurement which agrees with
the calibration measurements that I made. In the weeks ahead, I will try to
solve the display problem.

    Jim McVittie

Jim McVittie wrote:

> Nanospec Users,
> I have checked the calibrations on both nanospecs several times since
> Jan 1. They both were agreed with the ellipsometer within a few percent.
> I am working on the  problems on both nanospecs.
> Intermittent shut -- On the litho tool, this afternoon I plan on seeing
> if the problem is indeed caused by the PC by replacing it temporarily
> with a laptop.
> Noisy Photo signal -- Although we are getting good measurements on the
> nanospec near Drytek2, there is a lot of noise in the photo signal. I
> took the photo unit apart the other night and did not find any
> problems.  I will try looking at the supply voltages this weekend.
> Note that for good undoped Poly thicknesses on this tool, you need to
> use the default ni (3.00) and not the ni (near 4.00) from a ellipsomter
> measurement or the default ni (near 4.00) from the other nanospec.
>     Jim McVittie

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