CH.A Timed program

Randy True randythrive at
Wed Oct 10 12:34:55 PDT 2001

Someone had changed parameters in the CH.A TIMED
program. The only values that are to be changed in
this program are the time on the Main and Over Etch.
The Step End Control had been changed to "Endpoint",
if you want to stop your program using the endpoint
use the program CH.A METAL, that's what it is for. You
can still watch the endpoint on CH.A TIMED, that's why
Endpoint Selection is set to "External Endpoint". Also
gas values in the Over Etch Step were changed. DON'T
CHANGE THESE VALUES. If you are an experienced user
and you do change something, make sure you change it
back to the default vaule. Tie a piece of string
around your wafer box, put a piece of tape on your
coral card, anything so that you remember. This is
very important, you risk messing up other people's

Another thing about the P5000 I'd like to bring up is
the log sheets, I don't find them so useful. It
doesn't seem necessary to use a whole piece of paper
for each run (ie a standard run), and people do not
fill the form out uniformly (mainly because the entry
blanks are not clear or not applicable). It seems to
me that it would make more sense to have a one line
entry for each "run" and then another section of the
notebook for recipes and process development. Please
let me know what you think about this.

--Randy True
true at

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