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Wed Oct 10 17:39:24 PDT 2001

I agree with Randy regarding the run sheet.  

--- Randy True <randythrive at> wrote:
> Someone had changed parameters in the CH.A TIMED
> program. The only values that are to be changed in
> this program are the time on the Main and Over Etch.
> The Step End Control had been changed to "Endpoint",
> if you want to stop your program using the endpoint
> use the program CH.A METAL, that's what it is for.
> You
> can still watch the endpoint on CH.A TIMED, that's
> why
> Endpoint Selection is set to "External Endpoint".
> Also
> gas values in the Over Etch Step were changed. DON'T
> CHANGE THESE VALUES. If you are an experienced user
> and you do change something, make sure you change it
> back to the default vaule. Tie a piece of string
> around your wafer box, put a piece of tape on your
> coral card, anything so that you remember. This is
> very important, you risk messing up other people's
> work. 
> Another thing about the P5000 I'd like to bring up
> is
> the log sheets, I don't find them so useful. It
> doesn't seem necessary to use a whole piece of paper
> for each run (ie a standard run), and people do not
> fill the form out uniformly (mainly because the
> entry
> blanks are not clear or not applicable). It seems to
> me that it would make more sense to have a one line
> entry for each "run" and then another section of the
> notebook for recipes and process development. Please
> let me know what you think about this.
> --Randy True
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