P5000 recipes

Len Booth booth at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Oct 11 10:13:40 PDT 2001

Users -
	In each of the binders at the machine, the first section
has logsheets, and the second section has recipe forms which are
filled out when new recipes are created (for that specific chamber).
This is our "official" record of the original recipe parameters.
Every user should compare the hardcopy of the recipe that will be
run, to the currently loaded recipe on the monitor, to verify that
all parameters are correct, every time a recipe is loaded.  Since 
the machine is shared by many different users, it is not safe to
assume that the previous user left a recipe in the configuration
that you will need.  New users are instructed to do this by Nancy.

	Also, only the recipes documented in these recipe forms
and approved by Jim McVittie, are not subject to deletion during
maintenance procedures.  As time permits, I will be cleaning up
the unauthorized recipes on the system.

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