how to process double polished wafer in P5000?

Zhengyu Wang zywang at
Mon Mar 15 16:44:59 PST 2004

I am urgently looking for suggestions from experienced users who have
successfully processed double polished wafers in P5000 before.

In my case, I have double polished wafers (label read 300-375 micron
thick), 1.5 micron nitride deposited on both sides. Then 1.6micron 3612
was coated on frontside, patterned, with edge bead removal. I also have 15
micron SPR220 coated on backside to protect it from scratching (around
15mm edge PR on backside was simutaneously removed during the edge bead
removal process on the frontside).
Then when I sent the wafer in chamber B for nitride etch, the wafer broke
when the cooling helium was put on the backside. It seems when the wafer
was clamped and put in vacuum, it cant stand the pressure of the cooling

Has anybody successfully processed double polished wafer in P5000 before?
if so, could you please send me a note give me some tips on how to process
this properly so the wafer wont break? I would really really appreciate
any help!

best regards,

 Zhengyu Wang

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