looking for help with Ti/Al etching in P5000

Elvis Der-Song Lin elvislin at stanford.edu
Thu Nov 17 14:00:03 PST 2005

dear my knowledgeable and experienced friends,


I just got trained for P5000 and am the first one from my group trying to
use it to etch Al/Ti on doped poly.

since the good connectivity of the doped poly layer to the underneath
through-wafer-via is extremely critical for the whole device, 

so I'd like to have your suggestion for my first step.


for my device, I need to etch 1000A Ti then 0.5 um Al and stop at a 0.5 um
doped poly layer.

I plan to prepare couples of test wafers with the same stack of metals, 

and then look for a suitable recipe which has high selectivity of Al/ Ti to


I appreciate if you have any suggestion for the test run, recipe and
anything else.

thanks a million,



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