about microloading and aspect ratio dependent etching effect

Jim McVittie mcvittie at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Apr 6 17:40:46 PDT 2006


ARDE is normally not a problem for poly-Si etching. When I set up the
tool and characterized the poly process years ago, I did not notice any
significant ARDE and no one has complained to me about poly ARDE over
the years. However, I will point out that I used resist mask when I did
my characterization. Later poly characterizations for which I have data
also used a PR mask. Using an oxide mask will have some effects on the
on the etch profiles but I would not exact a ARDE problem. Can you send
me your etch process details so I can see what you doing. I have a lot
of process info from AMAT for the tool. I will look through what I have
to see if they have any comments on ARDE issues for poly etch.

    Thanks,  Jim

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