oxide etching anisotropy

Huang Kevin kevhuang at stanford.edu
Mon Feb 13 17:25:51 PST 2006

       Could anyone tell me what's the anisotropy of the standard Ch. B
Oxide recipe?  I need to etch 1 um of oxide that is 2 um wide.  Which recipe
has a high anisotropy and what's the etch rate?  I would also like to etch a
layer of oxide (100 nm thick) at the bottom of a 4 um wide x 30 um deep
trench.  Is this possible with this machine?

Thank you for your time.


Kevin Huang
Ph.D. Student, Peumans Group
Stanford Organic Electronics Lab
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Email: kevhuang at stanford.edu
Phone: (650) 725-6924
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