nitride etch rate in p5000

Jim McVittie mcvittie at
Mon Jul 10 13:09:34 PDT 2006


The nitride etch which I install on the P5000 when the tool first
started up was named
 CH.B Jim-nitr
   CHF3 25
   CF4  50
   Ar   100
   pressure  250mT
   power     500W
   magnetic field  60.0Gauss

Endpoint detection is with file: jim_nit.alg

   Wavelength is 4170 (which is for SiN)

Etch rates:

For nitride: 5268 A/min

For photoresist:  1894.7 A/min

Profile of this Si3N4 etch: sidewalls have 85degree slope.

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