P5000 Update 7/11

Elmer Enriquez eenriquez at snf.stanford.edu
Tue Jul 11 15:34:36 PDT 2006

Ch.A- Down for "He valve not opening...". 
    Found the root cause of this and various other problems of the 
system .  The culprit is a coolant leakage from the chuck into the 
helium cooling line.  This explains the 1) bad Ch.A pump.  2) 
dark-brown  film on the chuck. 3) erratic backside helium manifold 
pressure reading 4) "He valve not opening" fault  5)  burning resist 
during process .
    We will pull out the cathode assembly tonight to evaluate the 
damage.  It is very likely that we will need to replace the cathode.... 
but we'll see.

Ch. B- Up
    We've had a couple of "high backside He leak rate" faults.  I 
believe that this is caused by warped or mis-aligned wafers because the 
"backside He leak rate" routine is working as it should now.  If you 
experience this fault, verify that the wafer flats are facing out of the 
cassette toward the load lock and re-run the lot.
    Another problem is the MFC#3 flow faults.  This error is due to a 
bad recipe.  The MFC# 3 flow setpoint in the recipe is set at around 5% 
of maximum flow.  Ideally, the flow should be kept around 10% - 90% of 
maximum flow.  This particular MFC (CF4), the minimum flow you can 
operate at without faulting is 15 sccm.

Ch. C- Up
    The new wafer clamp should be here on Thursday.

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