SOI stuck in p5000 Ch B

Renata Melamud rmelamud at
Sat Jul 15 01:54:46 PDT 2006

Hi p5000 users,

I was running 8 wafers for processing in ChB
On the 6th wafer, I got a robot position fault.
I tried to return all wafers to cassette, but the system seems to have lost
the 6th wafer. It's not in the elevator and I don't see it on the robot
arm. So it's probably still in the chamber.

If you don't have to use p5000 this weekend, I would really appreciate the
staff pulling it out before the machine is used again. However, I didn't
red light it, since the other chambers might be usable.

If you have any suggestions on how to find / retrieve this wafer, please let
me know. The wafer is important to me.

Thanks a bunch,

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