P5000etch status

Elmer Enriquez elmere at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 23 19:42:02 PDT 2008

     The current status of the P5000etch tool is:  Ch.C is up,  Ch.B is 
down for the magnet not energizing and Ch.A is down for the wafer lift 
position sensor.  To date, support from Applied Materials field service 
has been abysmal.  During the past two weeks, they have been on site for 
a total of less than 8 hours.  It seems that we are very low on the 
priority list.  Customers with a service contract comes first.  
Management is attempting to move us up the priority list.  I am also 
trying to bring in another contractor who will be able to focus on the 
    In any case, we believe all the damage has been caused by coolant 
leaking from Chamber A.  So far, we have replaced a hard drive, a 
digital I/O board, a chamber interconnect board and optical sensor 
board.  The system worked briefly after they replaced the interconnect 
board but failed again during testing.  Last time they were here, field 
service noticed unusual voltage readings during their troubleshooting.  
They suspect that the tool might have corroded connectors or a damaged 
wiring harness.
    Field service might be here tonight or tomorrow to work on the system.


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