p5000 Ch A + res. removed

Nancy Latta nlatta at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 26 15:27:41 PST 2008

Funny you should ask....

I just ran Ch A and Ch C.  In the case of CH A the RF was fine, but I 
had chamber pressure problems.  I was using CHA METAL which calls for 
200mT in ME.  It only got to 179mT.  But the RF was fine.

CH C I ran CH C POLY ETCH and everything was fine.

The endpoint is not working.  I rebooted to no avail.

Btw, all this is in coral as problems or comments. 

Good luck, everyone.

rmelamud at stanford.edu wrote:

> I removed my evening reservation.
> Has anyone tried using ChA? Any results?
> -R

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