Watch your wafers!

Mary Tang mtang at
Mon Dec 7 16:25:20 PST 2009

The cap sensors are disabled for now.  Make sure to watch where your 
wafers go!  Avoid breakage by ensuring each etched wafer is picked up 
from the etch chamber.  If a second wafer is loaded on top of the first, 
that is a recipe for wafer breakage and a mess.

Why?  There are some problems with calibration and balancing of the 
capacitive sensors.  The sensors are an important feature for ensuring  
success of wafer transfer.  However, when sensor conditions are not met, 
wafer transfer will stop.  This has been disabled in the past, but is 
not the safest way to run.  Elmer will continue working on the sensors, 
but in the meantime, they have been disabled.

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