HBr update

Mary Tang mtang at stanford.edu
Thu May 7 15:04:47 PDT 2009

Hi all HBr users --

As you probably know, HBr is unavailable.  The problem is not with HBr, 
lines or equipment.  The problem is the toxic gas sensor in the HBr 
cabinet, which is exhibiting a lot of noise.  There are plans in place 
to replace this unit, but this will require a non-trivial upgrade (no, 
it's not plug and play.)  We trust it will not be on the order of weeks, 
but will have a better idea of timeline tomorrow, when contractors come 
to evaluate and start the job.  It would safe to say, I think, that HBr 
will not be available this weekend, but if all goes well, we hope to 
have it next week.  I hope we'll have more info for you tomorrow.


Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at stanford.edu

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