Problem pquest: BCl3 gas flow too low on Plasma Quest

Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
Fri Sep 15 17:03:31 PDT 2000


Sorry, the BCL3 bottle is empty. It is my fault. When Bob Wheeler moved
over to Terman, I assign Keith keep track of the toxic gases in the gas
vault. I forgot that the BCL3 bottle is not in the vault but is in the
basement.  I will not know until Monday how long it will take to get a new
bottle on line. 

			Jim McVittie 	

On 15 Sep 2000 gkeeler at wrote:

> Tried running an etch with BCl3 set at 15 sccm, only 1.5 sccm
> comes out during run. Did a CLEAN-2 run, tried resetting the
> machine, same problem. 
> -Gordon
> 5-2291

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